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 1998 Peterbilt 330 $15,900
Used 1998 Peterbilt 330 for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineCummins  C8.3  275 RE Ratio4.11
Sleeper Wheelbase 
TransmissionRT8709B WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires275/80R22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer279,816
RA Capacity22,700 Lbs. Unit#7572
GVWR34,700 Lbs. 

 1997 Sisu Magnum $18,900
Used 1997 Sisu Magnum for Sale
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EngineCummins  5.9  174 RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase108" 
TransmissionAutomatic WheelsSteel
Suspension Tires275/80/22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer
RA Capacity30,000 Lbs. Unit#6738

 1997 Ford CF8000 $8,900
Used 1997 Ford CF8000 for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineCummins  5.9   RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase153" 
TransmissionAutomatic WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires245/75/22.5
FA Capacity9,000 Lbs. Odometer87,249
RA Capacity17,500 Lbs. Unit#6954
GVWR26,000 Lbs. 

 1997 International 9300 $39,900
Used 1997 International 9300 for Sale
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EngineCaterpillar  3406  425 RE Ratio4.10
Sleeper Wheelbase 
TransmissionRTX14708LL WheelsSteel
SuspensionWalking Beam Tires11R22.5
FA Capacity18,000 Lbs. Odometer344,827
RA Capacity46,000 Lbs. Unit#7535
GVWR64,000 Lbs. 

 1996 International 8100 $11,900
Used 1996 International 8100 for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineCummins  M11-280E  280 RE Ratio4.10
Sleeper Wheelbase152" 
Transmission10spd RTX-12710 WheelsSteel
Suspension Tires11R22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer46,917
RA Capacity23,000 Lbs. Unit#5918
GVWR32,000 Lbs. 

 1996 Dodge 3500 $9,900
Used 1996 Dodge 3500 for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineCummins  5.9L  245 RE Ratio4.10
Sleeper Wheelbase 
TransmissionManual Wheels
Suspension Tires215/85R16
FA Capacity Odometer125,916
RA Capacity Unit#7438
GVWR11,000 Lbs. 

 1973 FWD RB-441823NH-230 $12,900
Used 1973 FWD RB-441823NH-230 for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineCummins  NH-230  230 RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase 
Transmission10 WheelsSteel
Suspension Tires
FA Capacity15,260 Lbs. Odometer48,778
RA Capacity23,000 Lbs. Unit#7464
GVWR38,260 Lbs. 
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