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Trucking News for the State of Ohio

Over 40 Years of Dedication to the Trucking Industry

Robertson Truck Sales, located in Mt. Vernon, OH, specializes in the sales and service of semi-trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks, and equipment. It is our mission to offer solutions to every trucking need. Part of our commitment to our customers, and to our industry, is keeping up with the local and national news.

Training New Diesel Technicians in Ohio

Found on Fleet Owner, "Program to train more diesel technicians expands to three new colleges" by Fleet Owner Staff (2018, July 12), announces that "early 2019, Volvo will partner with three colleges in Florida, Ohio and Texas." The University of Northwestern, Ohio, located approximately 88 miles from the Robertson Truck Family Group, will be offering this needed educational program. That is exciting news. As the article reports, "an estimated 67,000 new technicians and 75,000 new diesel engine specialists will be needed by 2022." We hope to see more opportunities opening up across the country.

Safety Needs to be Priority in the Trucking Industry

With the shortage of truck drivers, it is important to keep your trucks serviced and maintained. The cost of routine maintenance and having timely repairs is far less than the expense of an accident or having your truck pulled out-of-service.

Reported by ABC News 5 Cleveland, "Ohio truck safety violations on the rise, Ohio Highway Patrol issues warning" by Pagonakis, J. (2018, July 16/17), truck drivers are ultimately responsible to drive safely along the roads and highways. It is reported that most accidents are noted to be the fault of the driver.

Authorities are on the roads and concentrating their attention on "speed, marked lane violations, following too close violations, commercial drivers that are distracted." Reportedly, companies may be held accountable for drivers who are continually cited for violations. Once stopped, the braking systems and load securements are being accessed.

It is not just truck drivers who need to drive responsibly across our roads and highways, but all drivers. As noted, "if people would slow down and wear their seatbelts, and not drive impaired, then we'd have a lot less problems that are out there."

Texting While Driving is an Impairment

Not mentioned in the above-cited report is the issue texting. Texting while driving is dangerous to everyone around you on the roads and highways. Avoid any cars or trucks that are weaving and going slow on major highways. It's a sign of impairment or texting. Drivers must be alert and aware of their surroundings.

Robertson Truck Sales – Solutions for Every Trucking Need

Don't let those minor repairs and routine services go without attention. Our service department offers the highest quality repairs and services. If your equipment is aging, let us work with you to find the replacement that is affordable and dependable. Our dedicated, sales team offers quality to deliver customer satisfaction.

Robertson Truck Sales is here to offer the best in sales, service, and financing. We're always excited to find solutions for you, and it's always an honor to be your first choice. Give our team a call at 740-397-4969. Stay safe on the roads and highways.

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