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Find The Right Insurance For Your Truck

If you have your own business or if you are an owner of a large truck, it is very important that you have a form of truck insurance. Insurance is not just required for smaller vehicles; it is also a requirement for large ...

Technology Advancements that will Improve Semi-Trucks

Technology in all industries is responsible for helping to make equipment and processes safer and more efficient. One industry that is continuing to see tech improvements is the shipping and transportation industry. Semi-trucks ...

Semi Orders in North America Highest Since 2006

According to a recent Reuters story, North American semi truck orders more than doubled in January 2018 alone. FTR, a leader in freight transportation forecasting in North America, reported that January Class 8 orders ...

Fontaine Commercial and Heavy Haul Trailers

Robertson Trucks Sales is proud to be a certified dealer of the Fontaine® line of platform and heavy haul trailers. Manufactured right here in the USA, Fontaine® Commercial Trailers is the largest platform trailer ...

Plan on Gliding into the Future?

New Year's Day 2018 caused many members of the semi-truck industry to have major headaches. The pain wasn't caused by a night of revelry but by ELD mandates and legislation dating back to the Obama Administration. Yes, we're ...

What Do Self Driving Trucks Mean For The Future?

The New York Times recently reported that in 2017, companies and investors have put nearly $1 billion into trucking technologies, including self-driving. That investment is nearly 10 times the amount invested three years ...

Finishing 2017 with Positive Economic Trends

The economy around the semi-trucking industry has been turbulent, and the news surrounding it even more so. But as the booming rush of the Christmas seasons draws to a close and 2018 approaches, it's important to look at the ...

ELD Questions and Answers All Carriers and Drivers Need to Read

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are soon to be required by federal law. This mandate applies to most drivers and carriers as of December 18th, 2017. The days of keeping paper logs or using logging software are soon to be ...

Choose Fontaine for Your Next Trailer At Robertson Truck Sales

When searching for the best trailer to accompany your truck, there is one company you should look towards. Fontaine Commercial Trailer is one of the largest platform trailer manufacturers in the world, and they are an excellent ...

New Heavy-duty Truck Production Coming to West Virginia

According to an official announcement, Hino is parlaying its success with medium-duty trucks into a foray into Class 8 truck production. The heavy-duty trucks will be powered by Hino's A09 six-cylinder diesel engine. The ...
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