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Additive Manufacturing Is In Route To Reshape The Trucking Industry

Robertson Truck Sales has been in operation since 1984, and we have seen the transformation of the trucking industry with innovative technology. Computerized service equipment has offered our service technicians the best means ...

2018-2019 Trucking Industry Events, Tradeshows and Conferences

Robertson Truck Sales has a vested interest in America's trucking industry. We are part of the Robertson Truck Group Family, and we sell used semi trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment. The trucking industry is an ...

Freightliner Shows Off the EconicSD Refuse Truck at WasteExpo

In Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Waste Expo, a waste management and recycling conference, Freightliner Trucks revealed its new EconicSD refuse truck. The truck is a European-styled cab-over-engine design with low-entry. ...

Semi-Trucks and Technology

With 2018 almost at its halfway point, we have already experienced a few turning points in the trucking industry. We are no longer reading about the future and wondering what it will be like. It has become our reality, and it ...

Robertson Truck Sales Will Keep Your Semi-Trailers Rolling

Robertson Trucks Sales is part of the Robertson Truck Group, and we have the skilled technicians to help you maintain your entire fleet of trucks and trailers. It is important that you keep your semi-trailers regularly ...

Volvo to Bring Electric Trucks to Europe, then North America, Starting Next Year

Although Tesla appeared to lead out in announcing its forthcoming electric semi-truck last November, some of the heavy-duty industry veterans such as Volvo and other manufacturers could beat Elon Musk at his own game. According ...

Understanding Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel engines offer an unmatched combination of power and fuel economy, and that makes diesel-powered trucks the most popular choice for heavy duty hauling. However, unregulated diesel combustion can contribute to poor air ...

Don't Just Kick The Tires

You have a lot riding on the tires of every truck. Not only do you have the product load to be safely delivered, you also have the safety of your driver and many other drivers sharing the roads and highways. Like the regular ...

Don't Get Bumped Off The Road

The trucking industry is moving America, and our highways are becoming more and more populated. Safety is top priority. When the unavoidable accident happens, your truck drivers need properly installed safety equipment to keep ...

Tips to Commercial Truck Financing

Commercial truck financing can be a formidable obstacle to the uninitiated. Questions about cost, down payment, type of vehicle and credit needed are some of the determinations which need to be assessed when considering a truck ...
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