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Using Telematics to Keep Driving Regulations Straight

Long-haul truckers face the unique burden of adhering to both state and national laws when crossing a variety of state lines. Not only is there confusion regarding mandated breaks, including all of the different aspects of pay, ...

History of the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is a vital part of America's economy. Over 70% of all freight that is moved in America is moved by trucks. There are more than 3.5 million truck drivers that can be seen on roadways all across the US, but ...

Why You Should Consider Online Financing

Are you interested in buying a semi-trailer truck or trailer truck? If so, you should consider getting financed through a truck dealership. Buying a truck is a great way to invest in your professional future. Here are several ...

Federal Government Considers Regulating Industry

Many truck drivers in the United States find themselves driving through a number of states on long-haul routes. Currently, when truck drivers travel through different states, the rules and regulations they must follow are ...

Advanced Clean Transportation Expo Coming in 2018

The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo is considered one of the largest industry events for vehicles using clean fuel. The upcoming event will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center from April 30th to March 3rd in ...

Cummins Steals Tesla Thunder With Class 7 Electric AEOS

New Class 7 Truck Revealed by Respected Powertrain Manufacturer Cummins has been in the heavy trucking powertrain business for nearly 100 years. The company traditionally manufactures the engines and transmissions that ...

Trucking Industry Braces for Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

FTR Transportation Intelligence Reports on Hurricane Harvey Impact Aside from the obvious impact of Hurricane Harvey to local trucking operations in the Gulf region, FTR is predicting an industry wide effect on the US ...

Financing Your Heavy Duty Truck Purchase

Buying a heavy-duty truck is a major decision. With new truck prices winking at a quarter of a million dollars, purchasing a used rig is a less expensive option. Still, the prospect of financing such a large amount is ...

The Time For ELD is Now, December 18th Deadline Unlikely to Change

December 18th Deadline Unlikely to Change  Commercial truckers have until December 18th to comply with new ELD requirements passed by Congress last year, to monitor HOS, or hours of service. The Supreme Court in June ...

How Semi-Truck Technology is Changing

Modern semi-truck and medium- and heavy-duty engines are significantly cleaner and more efficient, but better technology solutions are still needed. Sustainability and engine performance are two things that continue to evolve ...
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