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Additive Manufacturing Is In Route To Reshape The Trucking Industry

Robertson Truck Sales has been in operation since 1984, and we have seen the transformation of the trucking industry with innovative technology. Computerized service equipment has offered our service technicians the best means ...

Semi-Trucks and Technology

With 2018 almost at its halfway point, we have already experienced a few turning points in the trucking industry. We are no longer reading about the future and wondering what it will be like. It has become our reality, and it ...

Understanding Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel engines offer an unmatched combination of power and fuel economy, and that makes diesel-powered trucks the most popular choice for heavy duty hauling. However, unregulated diesel combustion can contribute to poor air ...

Tesla Semi-Truck to Impact Industry in Major Way

Semi-trucks have been extremely valuable vehicles for decades as they have been necessary to transport products across the country. While semi-trucks have been very valuable and useful, one of the biggest concerns that people ...

Using Telematics to Keep Driving Regulations Straight

Long-haul truckers face the unique burden of adhering to both state and national laws when crossing a variety of state lines. Not only is there confusion regarding mandated breaks, including all of the different aspects of pay, ...

Cummins Steals Tesla Thunder With Class 7 Electric AEOS

New Class 7 Truck Revealed by Respected Powertrain Manufacturer Cummins has been in the heavy trucking powertrain business for nearly 100 years. The company traditionally manufactures the engines and transmissions that ...

A Comparison of Upcoming Semi Truck Technology

If you look around your house, consider the fact that most of the items were at one point carried on a semi-truck. The big rig industry plays an integral part in our nation. It's no surprise that many companies want to break ...

Doft Is Increasing Efficiency for Independent Truckers

There are nearly 3.5-million truck drivers in the United States. Many of these drivers work for large haulage companies, but there are roughly 400,000 freelance and owner-operator drivers out there. Advancements in the industry ...

Improved Platooning Technology Cuts Fuel Use by 20 Percent

Platooning is not new, but exciting improvements in semi-truck technology are poised to make it even better. Peloton Technology recently announced a new team effort that could improve fuel efficiency by 20%.  The effort ...

Aerodynamic Mud Flaps That Reduce Drag and Improve Fuel Efficiency

When you think about semi-truck technology designed to improve fuel efficiency, the last thing you'd guess is that a mud flap could do the job. The truth is, however, one company has created a product called Eco Flaps that ...
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