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Doft Is Increasing Efficiency for Independent Truckers

There are nearly 3.5-million truck drivers in the United States. Many of these drivers work for large haulage companies, but there are roughly 400,000 freelance and owner-operator drivers out there. Advancements in the industry ...

Improved Platooning Technology Cuts Fuel Use by 20 Percent

Platooning is not new, but exciting improvements in semi-truck technology are poised to make it even better. Peloton Technology recently announced a new team effort that could improve fuel efficiency by 20%.  The effort ...

Aerodynamic Mud Flaps That Reduce Drag and Improve Fuel Efficiency

When you think about semi-truck technology designed to improve fuel efficiency, the last thing you'd guess is that a mud flap could do the job. The truth is, however, one company has created a product called Eco Flaps that ...

Volvo's SuperTruck

According to a September 13, 2016 article in HDT Truckinginfo, Volvo Trucks North America has unveiled its SuperTruck demo rig which features a freight efficiency improvement of 88%. This exceeds the 50% goal set forth by the ...
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