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Important Trucks throughout History

Trucks. Without them, we wouldn't have anticipated Amazon deliveries, exotic produce on the table, that comfy durable couch on game day, or, really, anything. The trucking industry, the backbone of commerce, has come a long ...

Projections for Commercial Truck Market in 2018-19

Projections for Commercial Truck Market in 2018-19  2018 has been a promising year for the trucking industry. The commercial truck market witnessed surge in sales with class-8 trucks exceeding more than 52,629 units in the ...

What Rolled Out in 2018 and How to Back it Up?

Robertson Truck Sales: Certified Fontaine Semi-Trailer Dealer Robertson Truck Sales is proud to be your certified Fontaine Semi-Trailer dealer in Ohio. As our team strives to deliver the best trucking solutions to our ...

The 2018 CVSA Roadcheck Results

Robertson Truck Sales Committed to Customer Service As part of the Robertson Truck Group Family, the team at Robertson Truck Sales works hard to keep our commitment to customers by offering the best customer service and ...

The Trucking Industry-Then and Now

The trucking industry has certainly come a long way from what it used to be. In 1910, a variety of technologies played a part in the introduction of the trucking industry. However, during this time, truckers were told to get ...

Trucking News for the State of Ohio

Over 40 Years of Dedication to the Trucking Industry Robertson Truck Sales, located in Mt. Vernon, OH, specializes in the sales and service of semi-trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks, and equipment. It is our mission to ...

Limitations Reinstated On Diesel Glider Trucks

The team at Robertson Trucks Sales is here to keep our customers equipped with the best-used semi-trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment in the Ohio area. Keeping up with the changes affecting our dynamic, ...

Class 4-8 Trucks Surge in Demand

As per reports from ACT Research, preliminary demands for class 4-8 trucks have been extremely promising in the past 2-3 months. While sales figures for class-8 trucks crossed the mark of 40,000 units, those for medium-duty ...

2017 Annual Output Report and the Global Forecast for Semi-Trailers

Robertson Truck Sales, a division of the Robert Truck Group with 34 years invested in our growing, trucking industry, sells used medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment and is a certified dealer for Fontaine trailers. ...

Horse Drawn to Self Driven

Before World War 1 (WW1) most U.S. freight was transported via train and/or horse-drawn carriage. Those technologies meant slower and smaller transport of goods. During WW1 the military was the first to begin extensive use of ...
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