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2018-2019 Trucking Industry Events, Tradeshows and Conferences

Robertson Truck Sales has a vested interest in America's trucking industry. We are part of the Robertson Truck Group Family, and we sell used semi trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks and equipment. The trucking industry is an ...

Freightliner Shows Off the EconicSD Refuse Truck at WasteExpo

In Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Waste Expo, a waste management and recycling conference, Freightliner Trucks revealed its new EconicSD refuse truck. The truck is a European-styled cab-over-engine design with low-entry. ...

Volvo to Bring Electric Trucks to Europe, then North America, Starting Next Year

Although Tesla appeared to lead out in announcing its forthcoming electric semi-truck last November, some of the heavy-duty industry veterans such as Volvo and other manufacturers could beat Elon Musk at his own game. According ...

Don't Get Bumped Off The Road

The trucking industry is moving America, and our highways are becoming more and more populated. Safety is top priority. When the unavoidable accident happens, your truck drivers need properly installed safety equipment to keep ...

A By-the-Numbers Look at the History of the Trucking Industry

Whether it's the increasing weight of the trucks or the increase of trucks on the road, you can't discuss the rich history of the trucking industry without mentioning numbers. Here is a look at a few of those numbers, with ...

The Nikola Semi-Truck: Will H2 Beat Electric?

The industry is all abuzz about Tesla's announcement of their new electric semi-truck, but what about the Nikola Motor Company's new hydrogen/electric hybrid? Like the Tesla, the Nikola will have a battery and its capacity will ...

Find The Right Insurance For Your Truck

If you have your own business or if you are an owner of a large truck, it is very important that you have a form of truck insurance. Insurance is not just required for smaller vehicles; it is also a requirement for large ...

Technology Advancements that will Improve Semi-Trucks

Technology in all industries is responsible for helping to make equipment and processes safer and more efficient. One industry that is continuing to see tech improvements is the shipping and transportation industry. Semi-trucks ...

Semi Orders in North America Highest Since 2006

According to a recent Reuters story, North American semi truck orders more than doubled in January 2018 alone. FTR, a leader in freight transportation forecasting in North America, reported that January Class 8 orders ...

Fontaine Commercial and Heavy Haul Trailers

Robertson Trucks Sales is proud to be a certified dealer of the Fontaine® line of platform and heavy haul trailers. Manufactured right here in the USA, Fontaine® Commercial Trailers is the largest platform trailer ...
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