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FMCSA Proposes New Rules That May Reduce Driver Shortage

Consumers in America have grown accustomed to obtaining goods in a quick, easy, efficient manner. We hop on the laptop, click a few keys, and in a couple of days, our products arrive safely on our doorsteps. The trucking ...

No Safety Improvement Came from 34-Hour Restart

A 2013 rule from the Department of Transportation (DOT) required truckers to take their 34-hour restarts at specific times. Among other things, the law mandated drivers conduct their restart during a period that included two ...

OOIDA Against Proposed Speed Limit Mandate

A proposed safety rule by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was recently published in the Federal Register. The rule change in question ...

Strong Flatbed Demand

Marketing and information specialist DAT defines its load-to-truck ratio as a measure the volume of load posts on the company's load boards compared to the volume of truck posts. Flatbed Demand Soars Although this metric ...

Three Top Trade Shows This Summer

Trade shows are an amazing place where large groups of truckers can come together and learn about the beauty and the power of their equipment. The best trade shows are always in the summer, and this year is no exception. Take a ...

How Today's Truckers are Fighting Human Trafficking

According to Human Rights First, human trafficking is a $150 billion per year business, with approximately $99 billion attributed to commercial sexual exploitation. Recognizing that human trafficking has reached epidemic ...

Doft Is Increasing Efficiency for Independent Truckers

There are nearly 3.5-million truck drivers in the United States. Many of these drivers work for large haulage companies, but there are roughly 400,000 freelance and owner-operator drivers out there. Advancements in the industry ...

President Trump Meets With Trucking Industry

On January 20, 2017, there was an administration change in Washington and Donald Trump was sworn in as the new President of the United States.  With every administration comes a new set of interest, policies, and priorities.  ...

The New Tesla Big Rig Meets With Skepticism

We all have the same iconic image of semi-trucks in our mind: monstrous trucks burning diesel and hauling gigantic loads of cargo cross-country, driving hours upon hours without stop. Well, that image could be changing ...

Volvo's New Hybrid Saves 30% More Fuel

Just a few weeks ago, Volvo released plans for a new semi truck that is set to revolutionize the hybrid truck industry. Mysteriously named the "Volvo Concept Truck", its main goal is reducing the amount of carbon dioxide ...
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